The offer of a winning path to quality sportswear.

The partnership with affiliated retail stores entails a close cooperation between store managers
and Quality Sport managers, with a view to a shared definition of the best strategy.

Quality Sport services provide the following advantages:
– Increased store profit
– Streamlined stock management
– Improved store appearance and look
– Meets customer needs
– Streamlined purchase management and merchandise rotation
– Offers new trading opportunities

format espositivo

The visual and emotional experience is key for sports enthusiasts who look for quality in all Quality Sport retail stores.
The format entails the division in two areas: ‘lifestyle’ and ‘active sports’. A specific design concept divides the areas into sport categories and helps customers identify the desired items.

Defining an identity outside the store also allows the brand to communicate in a immediate and recognisable fashion, thereby giving the stores network a uniform image with a single sign.
Windows set up according to the agreed format will catch the eye of the target customer, attracted by the promise of a full experience in the sports world.

The network adopts a mutual marketing plan with specific product offer and a strategic communication activity plan.
Quality Sport’s communication goal is to share brand values and identity using multiple tools: social media, Web marketing and standard media.

Quality Sport offers staff consultancy and training on sales techniques, customer care and visual merchandising through store coaches in all affiliated stores.
Professional development is a key tool to provide customers with an informed experience and the management with results that make a difference.





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